Challenging Searches

Clients often find that recruiting the highest-caliber passive, digital marketing talent can be extremely challenging. Kaplan-Gardner overcomes these challenges in creative and effective ways. These include:

Challenge: The pool of top digital marketing talent is limited.
Solution: Kaplan-Gardner maintains an active and growing database of more than 15,000 industry professionals.

Challenge: Top candidates are selective about which recruiters they work with.
: As experts consulted by Forrester Research and other leading industry organizations, we’ve earned the trust of the most selective candidates.

Challenge: The best candidates are considering multiple job offers.
Solution: We have a track record of successfully negotiating and “closing” candidates on behalf of our clients. Our deep understanding of our clients’ culture, business, and key differentiators allows us to market them effectively against their competitors.

Challenge: Attracting top talent to an “obscure” location
Solutions: We present our clients’ positions as career growth opportunities, so that the role, not the location, is the primary attraction. 

Challenge: Strict confidentiality required by organizational restructuring or other factors
Solution: We’re specialists in conducting confidential searches discretely.

If you face these or other unique challenges, let Kaplan-Gardner come up with a creative solution to ensure you hire exceptional talent.