“It’s extremely rare to consider a recruiter a friend. I think of the guys at Kaplan Gardner at confidants. And honest brokers. And yes – friends. Their modus operandi is honesty, candor, compassion, respect and clarity. This is unique in their realm and especially appreciated. Time with them is time well spent.”
–Executive Vice President at Top 5 Digital Marketing Agency

“My relationship with Kaplan-Gardner has always been exceptional. Digital talent is hard to find, and in a word, they are connected. Their relationships have provided access to talent that’s difficult to reach. In a world where a quick buck and short cuts seem to be the norm, Evan and Andy have defied the trend with a level of service and dedication that has been unmatched. Simply put, they have been my go-to digital executive hiring partners over many years as I have built out an evolving digital practice, and their success has positively impacted the success of my team. Thanks again for a job well done.”
–Head of Digital Strategy and Acquisition, Global Consumer Services Corporation

“Working with Kaplan-Gardner was an absolute pleasure. They exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the search. KG’s insight and knowledge of the digital marketing space is second to none. Their exclusivity, depth and quality network with top agency executives and thought-leaders was key to landing the perfect candidates for us. But the real difference between KG and other search firms is the level of integrity and the quality of personal character Andy and Evan bring to their work. You’ll never meet better people in the industry.”
–Managing Director, Global Digital Marketing Agency

“Evan and Andy were there for me during the entire recruitment process. Their ability to match my executive leadership skills to the needs of the organization was accomplished by the insight and experience they possess. I could not have expected more.”
–CEO, Consumer Corporation

“My past experience with people in the recruiting space had been fairly negative, but Andy and Evan from Kaplan-Gardner have shifted my view. From our first phone call when they were sourcing a CEO role (which I ended up taking), I felt that they actually cared about my career goals and also if I was a good fit for their client (the hiring company). Both Evan and Andy fully dedicated themselves to the hiring process and were always there to answer questions and follow up after interviews/meetings. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to fill their open positions with quality people.”
–CEO, Global Digital Marketing Company