Our Approach

Kaplan-Gardner’s DeepSearchTM methodology is unique, effective, and proven. It’s based on state-of-the art human capital research and Evan and Andy’s extensive recruiting experience. Our approach is customizable and extensible. It incorporates six key stages.

1. Stakeholder Interviews

First, we meet with our client’s stakeholders to understand their business goals and objectives. Using a proprietary job analysis tool, we identify the necessary skills, experience, behaviors, talents, and cultural fit for the position. We then develop a Position Specification and profile of the ideal candidate and incorporate the client’s feedback. This becomes the benchmark by which each candidate is assessed. Target market analysis and a Search Assignment Strategy provide the client with visibility into Kaplan-Gardner’s tailored approach for each search.

2. Position Specification

Using our proprietary job analysis tool and our client’s input we identify the necessary skills, experience, behaviors, talents, and cultural fit required for this position. Then we write a Position Specification document and Ideal Candidate Profile.  This describes benchmarks by which each candidate is assessed.

3. Search Assignment Strategy

The Search Assignment Strategy outlines our recruiting approach for the specific search assignment. This document includes:

  • Target Market Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Industry Landscape Report
  • Position Selling Points
  • Overcoming Recruiting Challenges
  • Search Strategy
  • List of Target Companies

The Search Assignment Strategy helps guide and measure the progress and performance of the search.

4. Recruiting Services

Every search assignment includes the following consulting services:

  • 360° Stakeholder Interviews and Position Analysis
  • Industry Standard Compensation
  • Competitive and Market Intelligence
  • Job Description Development
  • Position Specification
  • Search Assignment Strategy
  • Candidate Research and Sourcing
  • Customized Candidate Screening and Assessment Instruments
  • Three-Stage Candidate Assessments
  • Status Updates
  • Candidate Briefings for the Client
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Interview Planning and Coordination
  • Candidate Selection
  • Background Investigation and Reference Checks
  • Offer Negotiation
  • On-Boarding Support
  • Client and New Hire Quality and Satisfaction Follow-Ups

 5. Candidate Selection

We advise and help our client develop position-specific interview processes and methodologies. Prior to a final hiring decision, we complete thorough, 360° reference checks and background investigations. And we help craft, offer, and negotiate the compensation package on behalf of our client.

6. On-Boarding and Follow Up

Our involvement extends well beyond the placement of a new hire. We assist with on-boarding and integration. We follow up periodically with both the client and the new hire to ensure a successful long-term match.